Sunday, November 4, 2007

2nd Day

Our sweet tent! Charlie brough his Sherlock Holmes book so I could read us a story of "The Red-Headed League" mystery.

Lots of Mancala and Speed were played this weekend. Charlie couldn't believe that I had never played the card game Speed, so he taught me how...ehhhxelent!

Our vegtable soup lunch that we ate before going moutain biking. Charlie also bought us some "instant" camping food that was Jamaican BBQ flavored. Basically it was like drinking chicken...YAY Veggie Soup!

Charlie took this picture right before our biking excursion...a.k.a. getting very lost on the trails. Luckily it was only for an hour or so and luckily we ran into a biker who actually knew where he was going. Lesson learned: Look at a map before biking into the wilderness and bring water with you!

We did get to see a very pretty sun set

Charlie was such a champ building our fires.
It was neat cooking fireside "Laura Ingalls style" but very reasuring to know I could go home to my gas stove, heated house, and soft bed.


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