Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Moving Out!

My blogger has been doing some funky things
and since I cannot figure out what is making it sick
I have decided to jump ship.
I have jumped over here if you wanna keep with

Monday, August 16, 2010

Guess Who Doesn't Have a Case of the Mondays?

We don't!!
Our Thriving Ivory concert was oh so
Here's the list of upcoming artists to play at the Warehouse.
I must admit "Screeching Weasel" caught my eye.
And what luck!
They had a tour poster inside!
Yours Truly thought her gum could pass as a cigi...
Seriously, that weasel reminds me of something...and I just remembered!!
The sloth from Ice Age...phew! I love it when that happens :-)
I had been trying to place him since highway 59 downtown.
Here are the fellers we went to see doin' what they do best.
It was a small concert so we could get super close to the gents.
How can downtown Houston be scary when you've got
your hunny with you?
As we were walking to our car I saw Paul and John hanging out back
so I gave them a wave and yelled " I love ya'll and you rocked!!".
They waved us over and we got to shoot the breeze for a while.
They were so nice!!
Charlie laughed about this picture saying it is very "rock star"...
Tattoos, cigarettes, no shirts; they definitely fit the bill.
They put on a great show and I do not remember any profanity: done and done!
It was just a good time with great music!
Not bad for mixing up a mundane Monday.

Thriving Ivory

Charlie is forever finiding new bands and making plans
for us to see them perform.
Tonight's venture is Thriving Ivory.
I think their drummer looks just like Zach Galifianakis (far right)
maybe it's just his facial hair and the color...
Such a simple soul, he makes me smile.
I shall do my best to be enthusiastic since we didn't
get back from College Station until after midnight last night.
It was a very productive weekend of painting
a rent house for Charlie's parents.
I am feeling very confident and geared up to
start painting our townhouse!
Have a fun night!
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Young Me, Now Me

Hope you are having a super sweet start to your week!
Charlie says this is one of his favorite baby pictures of me...
....so much so that he had me try and reenact this moment
from 24 years ago at our favorite generic restaurant, Casa Ole!
I think it's funny that his nickname for me is "Ducky"
and there are little ducks on my little girl swimsuit.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Is it a bad thing...

that I'm jealous for this little girl's purse?
but seriously she is the cutest!

Victorian Refuge Enchantment

I am completely head-over-heels for little Victorian cottage in the Catskills.
Never mind that my tall husband would have to be
folded in fourths to fit inside...
this former old hunting cabin, has been transformed into a shabby chic cottage
full of charm but lacking a lavitory.
The owners, Sandra and Todd Foster, live in a 1971 trailer across a nearby stream.
In my humble opinion it looks like fairies
could happily inhabit the sweet little abode!
Ms. Foster renovated the 9 by 14 foot cottage on a $3,000 budget
all by herself decorating with pieces from
flea markets and salvage shops.
I can just picture myself
curled up with a lovely book and napping in the
little upper room.
Ms. Foster appropriately calls the place her “refuge.”

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Feelin' Thrifty

All the blogging about good deals
made me think about my other household
treasures I have found/bough/bartered for along the way.
These two beautes were found on Antelope Lane
when I lived in good 'ol C.Stat.
The 5 drawer tower was a pretty exciting "street find".
The bamboo covers over the drawers
match our laundry basket from the Bamboo Company
from Charlie's mom.
Charlie helped me haul Goldie
in from off the street curb
one night.
This funky girl is a little worn on the arm rests
but I love her punchy color and surprising comfort.
This is my favorite spot in our tiny closet kitchen.
I bought the painting above the stove in Jefferson, Texas
with one of my best friends Kati...she's good luck you know!
I fell in love with the bold frame and the whimsical brush strokes
Then the little marble butter/cheese cover on the stove
was another Blue Bird find.
And finally the sunny daisy tray behind our yellow Fiesta Ware canisters
is from the Charity Guild. 
The date on the back of the tray says 1969...bonafide vintage!
Now, the Flying Dali wasn't exactly a steal but we were meant for each other.
On a Charity Guild run I saw her and immediately thought
of one of my favorite movies Up Town Girls
with Brittany Murphy and Dakota Fanning.
Brittany's character has a little Dali in her beautiful New York Apartment.
They are suppose to keep your home safe and ward off demons.
But since I do not believe in 'luck charms" etc. she's just a funny little reminder
of a favorite movie and a wonderful actress.
We inherited this silver tray with our townhouse.
Actually it was just left in the attic and I dusted it off.
Charlie and I like to write sweet sayings to each other :-D
Finally, the $10 stain glass lamp was a super exciting find.
 I just love filling my home with meaningful and unique items. 
They may not all be functional but they sure make me smile.
And who doesn't love a good rummage through other people's street trash...
Our guest bedroom is almost ready for it's big reveal!
I am so happy that I no longer dread going into our second bedroom.