Friday, March 6, 2009

Kati's birthday

In a few months I'm going to a road trip to Elysian Fields to visit my best friend in the world, Kati Woodley. She and her husband Adam drove me around their sweet little town and showed me, where they went to high school, where their first date was, where they are wanting to build their home. I feel like I know her so much better after experiencing her old stomping grounds. Isn't it wonderful that we can still go home again but know you have changed. You aren't the same person as when you left. You've shed the old self to grow into who God intended you to be.

Kati is an amazing friend and there are so many reasons why I give thanks for her every day. Here are just a few of them:

23 Reasons to love Kati Woodley

1. We laugh hysterically every time we talk.
2. If we skip a day, we make up for it by laughing doubly the next day.
3. She will listen and listen and listen and listen……
4. She always knows what to say, or what not to say.
5. She is always honest.
6. She will find clothes for you, even if they would not suit her.
7. We have an unspoken hierarchy of the type of therapy needed for certain problems: cookie dough by the spoonful and margaritas.
8. The girl can paint.
9. She’s not easily offended and all the sensitive people want to be her friend.
10. Many times one of us has picked up the phone to call the other while the other was dialing.
11. She makes everything more fun.
12. She rarely ever complains about anything.
13. She is very tender and will cry with you when you cry.
14. She gives sound advice.
15. She loves God and his word.
16. We love to read the same books
17.I believe we will all have hair like hers when we get to heaven. She has no self-righteousness about this.
18. She is witty.
19. We include each other in our big moments.
20. Because big news isn’t big until I have shared it with her.
21. We love the same movies
22. We can talk books together
23. She's the best friend a girl could ask for!