Monday, August 16, 2010

Guess Who Doesn't Have a Case of the Mondays?

We don't!!
Our Thriving Ivory concert was oh so
Here's the list of upcoming artists to play at the Warehouse.
I must admit "Screeching Weasel" caught my eye.
And what luck!
They had a tour poster inside!
Yours Truly thought her gum could pass as a cigi...
Seriously, that weasel reminds me of something...and I just remembered!!
The sloth from Ice Age...phew! I love it when that happens :-)
I had been trying to place him since highway 59 downtown.
Here are the fellers we went to see doin' what they do best.
It was a small concert so we could get super close to the gents.
How can downtown Houston be scary when you've got
your hunny with you?
As we were walking to our car I saw Paul and John hanging out back
so I gave them a wave and yelled " I love ya'll and you rocked!!".
They waved us over and we got to shoot the breeze for a while.
They were so nice!!
Charlie laughed about this picture saying it is very "rock star"...
Tattoos, cigarettes, no shirts; they definitely fit the bill.
They put on a great show and I do not remember any profanity: done and done!
It was just a good time with great music!
Not bad for mixing up a mundane Monday.


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