Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Tuesday Surprises

The hubs and I decided to try out a Belgium restaurant downtown.
The art was inspiring and I can wait to pull out
my canvases and try to paint this meadow.
This sweet little country cottage was one of my favorites
and I love how the colors of the house reflects in the lake...
there's something very impressionistic about the pictures.
I could almost see myself picking flurs in the field and then walking
back to my cottage by the lake to read by the window...
Next Charlie took me to a beautiful building downtown
but he was very taken with this Nitrogen cooling thingy.
If you look on the top left you can see a little snow cone
of ice/vapor coming out of the container.
In our wanderings downtown we came across the famous
(at least in Houston terms)
Angelika theater.  They play lots of foreign and Independent movies
here and we had never been before.
When I heard they were showing "The Girl Who Played with Fire"
I knew we had to make this a movie night.
Surprisingly, Charlie enjoyed the movie despite not having
seen or read the first move/book.
I loved the vintage movie posters on display
and the crystal chandelier wasn't too shabby either!
It's great when life throws in the unexpected excursion
on  what would be a regularly ordinary evening.


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