Friday, August 6, 2010

Schmucky Dinner

Last night Charlie took me out for a lovely dinner
to Outback just to celebrate a good day.
My traditional meal at that particular restaurant
is the lobster tail and sweet potato fries.

Then we headed to The Fountains' Lowes theater
to see Dinner For Schmucks.  We had been holding out
to see the movie since it hasn't gotten the best reviews.
But we were pleasantly surprised!
Of course it was SUPER silly at points
but so are we!
I straight up laughed out loud and clapped my hands multiple times.
I'm a very interactive movie goer.
The main character, Paul Rudd, is invited to a dinner with his executive colleagues where
the goal is to bring the most entertaining i.e. idiotic guest with you to dinner. 
Steve Carell is Paul Rudd's guest and plays his character
in a charming and painful way.
I picked up some Dumb and Dumber vibes...
The movie is a spin off of the French film
The Dinner Game (1998) and it sounds similar
"There is a game coupled with the meal: each one of them has to bring an 'idiot'.
The game consists in making the idiots talk about their
ideas and passions so the hosts can have a good laugh.
At the end they will choose the 'idiot of the evening'.
The idiot tries to help the main character, Pierre, all the time,
and naturally does everything wrong and aggravates every situation."

Pretty Hilarious!
And Jermaine from Flight of the Concords also has
a sweet little role too!
So if you're a silly gal or gent and enjoy watching
silly, not dirty, films, I would recommend this movie to you.


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