Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Praise You In This Storm

I was sure by now
God You would have reached down
And wiped our tears away
And stepped in and saved the day
Once again, I say Amen, and it is still raining
As the thunder rolls
I barely hear you whisper through the rain
I'm with you
As your mercy falls
I raise my hands and praise the God who gives
And takes away
I'll Praise you in this storm
And I will lift my hands
You are who You are
No matter where I am

And every tear I've cried
You hold in your hand
You never left my side
And though my heart is torn
I will Praise You in this storm
I remember when
I stumbled in the wind
You heard my cry
You raised me up again
My strength is almost gone
How can I carry on
If I can't find you
I lift my eyes into the hills
Where does my help come from
My help comes from the Lord
The maker of heaven and earth
Casting Crowns

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Our First Christmas

Under the mistletoe. Charlie and I had a wonderful first Christmas with our familes. We feel so blessed to have wonderful people to share the holidays with.
Jenny and I with Catrina in our new bath robes, they are oh so soft!!

Buggie Eyes!!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Life's Greatest Pleasures

Those who have never attended college are missing out on one of life's greatest pleasures--finishing finals and GRADUATING!! Charlie is now a college grad of Texas A&M. Hour after hour of grueling studying has payed off and he graduated kum lade from the MAYS business school. I am so proud of his hard work!! Even though the actual graduation was long and monotonous it was all worth it just to see him to walk across the stage diploma in hand, looking up at his friends and family in the crowd. What's even better, we only have 10 more days till Christmas!! And that means more quality time with family members who we love. This is the best time of year and I'm so thankful to be able to spend it with the man I love

After alot of searching Kati and I finally found our dresses for Graduation/Christmas. We decided that it was time for us to graduate to grown-up long Wet Seal

My parents came and spent two nights with us in College Station; they're the best!

Cat wore Charlie's kum lade "stole" more than he did...she even ironed Tariq shirt for him before dinner!

So we've seen this gorilla every time we've gone bike riding and we finally had someone with us to take our picture

Change is in the Air

Ya'll have probably noticed that Lloyds In Love is getting a new winter coat! Bear with me as each browser is showing different fonts/colors and sizes...silly blogger!

Treehouse Fun

Trip and nate love their treehouse! I can't wait till we get to Houston and can see them more often

Friday, December 7, 2007


God has been so amazing this semester! After interviews, numerous job offers, flights, etc. Charlie and I decided he would sign on with the ConocoPhillips team. We are so excited to see where the next few years take us and truly feel that our cup is running over with blessings...
It is awesome to marvel at God's faithfulnees. Before Charlie's job offers started rolling in, I was distracted by the "waves" of the world crashing around us and all the daunting questions of the future. I was feeling pretty convicted about my lack of trust.
It is hard to trust God.
I’d been thinking about this for the past week—and then I read about a sermon by Robin Boisvert where he made this point: “Trusting God actually takes effort. Trusting God actually takes work. It takes reading the Bible. It takes meditating on Scripture. It takes praying about things. It takes taking our own souls to task and stopping one kind of thinking and turning to another kind of thinking. It takes work. It takes effort.”
I am grateful for this reminder. I don’t naturally trust God. I need the power of the Holy Spirit. I need to choose to trust God in all circumstances. Trusting God is hard, but in another sense it is also easy. Afterall, when I choose to “consider him faithful who promised” I am putting my faith in one for whom nothing is hard: "Ah, Lord God! It is you who has made the heavens and the earth by your great power and by your outstretched arm! Nothing is too hard for you." Jeremiah 32:17

How to be Beautiful

In an interview with Amy Grant she stated that the following poem by Audrey Hepburn hangs above her window:

For attractive lips, speak words of kindness.
For lovely eyes, seek out the good in people.
For a slim figure, share your food with the hungry.
For beautiful hair, let a child run their fingers through it once a day.
For poise, walk with the knowledge you'll never walk alone."
~ Audrey Hepburn

This is a much needed daily reminder to seek to have inward beauty before outward.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007


Hannah is a little girl that I babysit for in College Station. She had a Thanksgiving Pow-wow at her school and I couldn't miss it!