Tuesday, September 18, 2007

We've got the lovin'

I am so proud to have married Charlie. He's smart, handsome, hilarious, and incredibly loving. He is exactly what I've always wanted in my future spouse and I feel so blessed to have him by my side. We had a wonderful honeymoon that started in Puerto Rico, St. Lucia, and then ended back in PR.

What could be better than spending a week on the beach with the person you love? We had such a relaxing and fun time catching up with each other after all the "hecticness" of the wedding ebbed. I'm pretty sure we had the most fun of all the couples on the beach because we had our handy Frisbee to play with!

The 3rd day of our trip we went on a day long tour of the island with our guide, Peter. Here we are at a banana plantation, which is the main export of St. Lucia. Peter kindly reassured us that there weren't any snakes in this particular field...RIGHT. We also learned that the boa constrictors are not indigenous to the island, they were brought over from India to keep the slaves on their toes while they worked...yikes!

Luckily he was right and this big guy was being shown off on the side of the road by his captor. Willing pedestrians could take their picture for a minimal fee.

Stopping for another "Kodak Moment" at the twin coastal peaks, the Pitons, which towered 2,000 feet above the sea.

This was the coral garden at Marigot Bay where Charlie and I snorkeled and I got stung by a sea anemone, not fun at all (being stung, the snorkeling was fantastic)! This was also the spot where the original Dr. Doolittle was filmed. The fish here were super cool too; funky parrot fish, a purple squid, barracudas, etc.

A mineral springs waterfall. The water here was SO hot, about 110 degrees!

Eating some "rain forest m&m's" basically the coco plant that chocolate is made from.

The world's only drive-in volcano in the oldest town in St. Lucia, Soufriere. This place smelt sooo bad, hence Soufriere = Smells like sulfur.
"Stinko de mayo"

Getting ready to leave the rain forest, it was so beautiful!

Finishing up our fun filled day with "Peter in Charge" tours =D

Lots of ping pong was played before our dinners...

We're about to eat a yum-o dinner at the French restaurant, La Toc. Truly the best French food ever!