Thursday, January 24, 2008

"The Beautiful Faith of Fearless Submission"

I have always found incredible comfort and support from reading books by John Piper. His deep insights impact me in a gradual sence; it's only after a few hours or days do I grasp what I've read or heard and it's exactly what my heart needed. I recently read this quote and it has helped me refocus my attention on Christ and not only on the people in my life. After all no person is perfect; as Christians we have a wonderfully perfect foundation in Christ who will hold us up no matter what situation or circumstance we find ourselves in.
"A Christian woman does not put her hope in her husband, or in getting a husband. She does not put her hope in her looks. She puts her hope in the promises of God...She looks away from the troubles and miseries and obstacles of life that seem to make the future bleak, and she focuses her attention on the sovereign power and love of God who rules in heaven and does on earth whatever he pleases. She knows her Bible, and she knows her theology of the sovereignty of God, and she knows his promise that he will be with her and help her strengthen her no matter what. This is the deep, unshakable root of Christian womanhood."


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