Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Recently I've noticed how much my need for perfection steals my joy away. I don't want to be wrapped up in trying to find a perfect place for everything in our new apartment because I know I can't - it's too time consuming! That and it will NEVER be perfect! Or more specifically, I will never be perfect.
I think back to all the time spent in "The Upper Room" on Wednesday nights at Hearts Afire and Ennie telling us all not to be so hard on ourselves. The saints fell, they made mistakes but only by God's grace were they able to turn those imperfections into praise! After all, I know my worth isn't found in having a perfectly laid out and designed home/life/career.
I know I will constantly have to remind myself that faith in Christ alone grounds my perfection/holiness and through his example I now have a foundation for and the proper motivation to continue on in my Christian journey! Speaking of journeying please keep me in your prayers as I prepare to run my first marathon this coming January for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society's (LLS. I am super excited but apprehensive of all the work it will require. Here's a pic. of me gettin' movin' from my "Donation" website.

We are running in honor of Matthew Maultsby and Christine Bencivengo who are battling blood cancers. They may be running the half or full marathon with us depending on how their treatments are going. They are my motivation. If they are able to complete this run then I surely should be able too. But still...keep me in your prayers.
I will leave you with a verse that God has brought to me many times in the last few days, and it has brought me great peace. I hope it does the same for you.


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