Monday, September 8, 2008

Girls Day Out

Kelley and I got an early start to my Monday off of work and visited Blue Bird Circle. We use to give our mom such a hard time about shopping at this little resale shop and now we're the ones excited to go exploring on a weekday.

We even had some great finds! Check 'em out...

A pretty tiffany mirror....$20

meaningful sign...$10

spending time with your older sister...priceless!

I am blessed to live so close to my family and be able to spend time with them often. I never want to take that blessing for granted. Every girl should have a sister and since there are few people who are willing to love you no matter's to my wonderful sister:
for answering her phone at 3 am when i’m crying and/or delirious
for having "parties" (Sprite in wine glasses and a movie) with me when you were in high school and could have been hanging out with your friends
for knowing when i need words, hugs, or just time
for bringing over the latest issue of InStyle and new nail polish to cheer me up when I had mono
for giving me strength and telling me to be the bigger person
for telling me my actions aren’t going to be in my best interest [it's too often, i know.]
for knowing the right time to get me a mixed cocktail
and for taking the time to be silly because she knows a smile was just what the doctor ordered

Kelley, you’re a great listener & you’re completely genuine with your actions, love, and words. I’m glad you know how to read me, even when I’m trying to act tough. Plus, you put up with me when I’m being a brat and when I’m stubborn. I know I’m a lot to handle, so thanks for the patience and definitely thanks for the fun memories!

**"Did he say 'excuse me'?"
*"For cussing?!"

**Karen who lived in your bedroom fan

**"Tell me it's not broken..."
*"It's not broken."



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