Monday, September 1, 2008

A Tribute

Today I got some sad news; my grandmother, Mom, passed away early this morning. But the good news is that she is now truly living in heaven for all eternity because she believed that Jesus is Lord and that He died in her place.

That’s why she is in heaven and I cannot wait to see her again someday. She was a sassy Cajun woman; devoted wife; proud mother, loving grandmother; she was an accomplished nurse; talented seamstress; selfless servant; generous beyond belief; quick-witted and hilarious, and all around “fun” lady with a sparkle in her eyes. We love you Mom!

I wanted to follow up with some memories after Mom's funeral this past weekend (9/6/08). My cousin Pam shared a few word associations that reminded her of Mom...
homemade bar-b-q...Mom
candy drawer...Mom
crabbing at The Camp...Mom
"sha" ol' camp...Mom
Beautiful perfume...Mom
Pocking eggs on Easter Sunday...Mom
fried chicken...Mom
playing "go fish"....Mom
watching Gone with the Wind...Mom
Pam also reminded us of the long "Fontenot Goodbye". Of how we would say goodbye inside of her house and then she would walk us out to our cars. From there we would visit some more and 20 minutes later we'd actually drive away. Mom loved her gradchildren and made us feel as though we were the only people in the world when we were around her.

I love Charlie's honest comment as we were driving back to Texas Saturday afternoon, "That didn't even feel like a funeral." And he was right. Our family is so close that we always pick up right where we left off from the last visit. Of course we are sad we can no long visit with Mom but our joy for her finally being in heaven is greater!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Those are lovely pics! I like how you described her too. God needed her more in Heaven! ;) kisses to you and Charlie horse!! Karen

September 4, 2008 at 11:58 AM  

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