Saturday, January 31, 2009

Global Adventures in College Station

As I think backt to last weekend in College Station, I can't help but smile. Cuddled on a twin sized bed and hearing a train whistle in the distance reminded me of months not too long ago when that city was my home. Charlie and I went to see the A&M men's basketball team BTHO Oklahoma State at Reed Arena with wonderful friends.

This has been one of those unforgettable because of friends, nature and fun.

Kyle and Zoe just got engaged a few weeks ago. I always try to emphasize how wonderul it is being married. I never liked hearing people tell me negative things about their relationships
It's easy to concentrate on your own self pity and allow yourself to become self centered but where will that road lead? My best friend in the world, Kati, said today "What counts is the long run." So many things in this life are temporary and even though they hurt now doesn't mean it'll hurt forever. And what's even cooler “God’s love is always bigger.” Whatever ideals or dreams I've lost these days, or in this lifetime, is nothing compared to God’s plan for me. He sees the whole picture. So no matter what grief I deal with He will flood me with love and comfort.

On a brighter note, I've got the best friend a girl could ask for! No matter where we go or what's going on Kati and I can always make each other may take putting feathers in each other's hair or sitting in baskets but we're having a good time darn it!

Our guys also help us smile too :-D


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