Sunday, December 14, 2008

Sarah B. Concert @ House of B.

Although this concert was back in October, we had a wonderful time singing Love Song with Sarah B. at Houston's new House of Blues!
Another cool band played that night called Raining Jane. They sang this adorable song called "Paper Cut"...
"start again lets pretend none of that happened
what do you think maybe we should drink to the two of us, here's to the two of us,
so we hold each other tightly and keep each other warm
you and me this could be miraculous, sweetly ridiculous
lets take our time no need to rush
hand in hand is just enough in a tent under the moon
crickets swoon as we sing along stars they shine so brightly
as we lay side by side feeling pretty lucky..."

It was a wonderful time with the girls and I'm so excited for future concerts at HOB!


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