Sunday, November 16, 2008

Mr. Sutter

Some of my favorite high school memories include my teachers. I had a wonderful surprise running into one of my favorite St. Agnes teachers Mr. Sutter. He introduced me to the wonderful world of Monte Python..."It's only a flesh wound!"

This picture is from back in September but it was so cool running into him and his family at Panera Bread that I had to add it. It's funny how quickly certain people take you back to times in your life where you were completely different. The ticket for me is not getting wrapped up in possibilities of the past and being content in my present stage of life. High school is over, thank goodness, and I would never trade my experiences for another chance to do things over....but when I hear a certain song or smell a retired perfume I'm taken back to a time that seems less complicated and carefree now but I know were real concerns for me then. It is easy for me to romanticise the past but I will try and look at each day as a new possibility for growth, change, and love.


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