Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Vogue of a Humming Bird

Being in a more "naturie" part of Houston, a.k.a. non-minuscule trees and open sky, made me want to beautiful our patio. I have noticed a decent amount of wild life around the complex too. I was most excited about the pretty humming birds flitting around so I decided to lure...I mean attract...them to our balcony with a few feeders. Kati helped too! She brought me a unique feeder (see below) and a special syrup the birdies like.
That was the ticket! The little guys were swarming as I sat outside with my camera. Their tiny wings fluttering sounded like a bee swarm.

At one point there were 8 pairs of buzzing wings!

I also learned something new from my observations...humming birds chirp! Especially when they chase their friends off a yummy faux-blossom.

I tried to get a really great shot of a hummingbird...

Easier said than done! I thought these turned out cool anyway.


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