Tuesday, January 27, 2009

There is nothing more frightful than ignorance in action. ~ Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

The level of infatuation with our current president is overwhelming. He has been elevated to the stature of an icon/savior. The role of president is indeed a highly honored and respected position (except if you happen to be be George W. Bush) but the added expectations that accompanied Mr.Obama into the White House is too much for one person.

His lofty speeches and ideas go out to a people desperate for someone with all of the answers, someone who will "fix" all their troubles. However, the majority of Americans' expectations have swollen to a point of explosion based on Mr. Obama's promises. I dearly hope I am wrong because our country is already in such turmoil but I cannot help be apprehensive when the cost of change so dearly counted upon will cost billions of dollars we do not have. Probably the most balanced summary of what's going on came from Mr. Connan on national public radio:
Ted Koppel on NPR’s Talk of the Nation with Neil Connan:
"He is not a foolish man, Barack Obama. He understands that the challenges that confront him now are going to make some of these high flown speeches seem almost quaint in a few months. He still faces all of the same problems that George Bush faced. Will there be a difference in tone? You bet. They’re already is. Will there be a difference in terms of tactics? Very likely. Is the ultimate strategy going to change? I would be surprised."


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