Sunday, July 11, 2010

Tea-Sip Kuntry

Charlie and I rose with the sun on Saturday
to hit the road for Austin.
Well, it wasn't really at dawn but anything before
9 on a Saturday might as well be!
We helped a few of our friendly Austin neighbors
clean up Lady Bird Johnson park.
We made a few new friends
like the loverly fellow above, Mr. Stinko.
I think he fits his name pretty well!
He is a Griffon Bruxellois (or Brussels griffon)and was rockin' a pretty sweet beard!

In return for our hard labor (30 min of picking up candy wrappers)
we got access to a private party with one of our favorite
artists, Eric Hutchinson at Malverde.
The Omni Austin downtown
was lovely and within walking distance
of everything we wanted to do.
I actually prefer walking to driving
especially when there are cool sights to see
and picture to capture along the way!
Here's a photo opt. with the man of the hour
Mr. Hutchinson!
The venue was hosted by barefoot wines
in a super rad venue!
just as a side note....ain't my man dreamy...hubba, hubba!!

This was Eric's play list.
He made my weekend by playing a little ditty
combining 'My Girl' and 'Ignition'.
It was such a fun concert and the cherry on top was
that friends who recently moved to Austin
got to meet up with us for the partya!
After the show we walked over
to Stubbs where Charlie and I saw our first concert together.
We actually went to the Hoobastank concert here
before we were even dating!
Here we are reenacting the pic
we took that fateful evening almost 7 years ago!
After a yummy dinner of Stubb's bar-b-q
Charlie took me to the vintage Paramount theatre
to see a showing of the 1939 movie
Wuthering Heights!
This was such a treat for me
because I LOVE ol' timey theatres
and Wuthering Heights is one of my favorite books too!
The theater was huge and even had
opera boxes.
A lil back history:
The theater was built in 1910
The premiere of the first Batman movie in 1966 was at this theatre.

Even the ceilings were glamorous!
No wonder people got so dressed up to
go to the movies way-back-when.
We had a beautiful time
with good music, fun friends, and sweet memories!
Gotta love the weekends!


Blogger DanielleTX said...

Oh hey! You sat right in front of my friends and I at the Eric Hutchinson event. Wasn't he fantastic?!

July 18, 2010 at 2:10 PM  

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