Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I Thee Wed...

This has been a year of courage. I have learned so much about myself and God's true design for marriage. I recently heard on KSBJ, "what we do not understand, we abuse". I did not understand the true meaning of sacrifice or that pain can lead us closer in relationship with Christ and others. If you would have asked me two years ago if the purpose for marriage was to keep each other happy and comfortable...of course I would have disagreed. But I did not understand that nothing is harder than choosing to lose yourself. Marriage is the mirror that reflects our hearts...that the things we do aren’t about us. We don’t “do” to “get.” We are servants.
We have so much to be thankful for!
I am so thankful God is on the throne and I am not.

I believe in something greater than myself.

I believe in a God who knows life is messy and being human can be raw in this sometimes tear-stained world of heartache.

I believe in a God who jumped into the mess and swapped Heaven for Earth because He loves us. He knows we need Him. He knew we couldn’t have true peace without Him.

As we lay our expectations for our lives, full and tender, into the depths of Him I have to hope.
Hope AND Trust. I trust the heart of my Father, even when my own heart doesn’t understand. I trust He knows what He is doing far better than I know what I want. Thank you Lord for humbling Charlie and I, showing us our brokenness and healing our hearts.

I want to love fully. I want to really love others, for who they are and where they are at.

I also want to be loved where I’m at, imperfect and vulnerable.

It is risky to love without conditions and without a hidden agenda.

It is a risk I believe God is calling us to take.

What are the plans for the next year with Charlie and Kristin....

1.) Retrain our tongues to give words that encourage, comfort and edify others.

2) Offer life-giving and grace-filled words to husband and family.

3) Put on grace. To look on mistakes and sins with love and hope.

4) Focus on heart issues and stay away from materialism.

5) Be more intentional about cleaning skills and habits; clutter causes stress.

6) Face our anger, anxiety and fears.

7) Plan regular times away to rejuvenate and gain perspective.

8) Commit to planning fun activities on weekends or and date nights during the week. (music lessons and rock climbing are our recent favorites)

9) Choose to seek out the positive.

10) Ask the Lord: What areas of my heart are causing stress or bringing spiritual/emotional/mental ‘deadness’? What can I do to bring life to those places?

I love you Charlie. I am looking forward to a fresh year full of bountiful blessings and growing in the Lord together.

You and no other...


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