Thursday, July 15, 2010

The River and Mista Moose

What a gorgeous day we had!
Charlie and his grandpa chewed the fat after breakfast...
Then we started the day with
a sweet family pic near the condo
Everyone looked so radiant!
I guess it's hard not to look your best
in such beautiful surroundings.
The activity for the day was white water rafting
about an hour and a half drive from Breckenridge to Buena Vista, CO.
You can double click on any of the pictures to see a bigger version.
We stopped for another fun pic. on the
Continental divide.
Here is a glamour shot of our lovely rental car!
These were all the families getting ready to go rafting.
Aunt Evelyn, Charlie and I are smack dab in the center of all the hubbub
and here are the action shots!
We had a super fun time floating the Arkansas river.
It was a 10 mile float and took about two hours through Brown's Canyon.
Once we got back to the condo we decided the fun for the day couldn't be over
and hiked our way through a few trails/ski slopes.
Along the way, we were surprised by this large fellow.
Mista Moose Mista Moose
 was HUGE and the pictures just do not do him justice.
His antlers were massive and very velvety.
No the encouted did not end like a clip form "Extreme Animal Attacks"
but I had my get away planned just in case!
I topped the night off with a hot tub soak
and a new book I bought for the trip.
It's "How The Light Gets In" and hopefully it will tide me over
until I can get "The Girl Who Kicked The Hornet's Nest"...sigh
Ah, well, I am feeling very blessed and thankful for the superb weather
and breath-taking sights!


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