Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Rainbow Lodge

Charlie and I had a wonderful anniversary dinner last night. After our meeting we headed over to the rustic Rainbow Lodge for some yummo steak and melt-in-your-mouth lobster. If you can imagine a 100 year old lodge that looks like is should belong in Aspen, Colorado, then you can pretty much picture the lodge. We are big fans of Colorado and are wanting to visit so badly but in the mean time we'll just have to hit up the lodge to tide us over.

I was trying to show off my wonderful lobster presentation and that didn't work out too well so Charlie got a close rikey the lobster! Charlie gave me two beautiful cards where he wrote words of hope for us and the journey we're walking together. Sometimes you need to hear where someone's heart is at to get a glimps of where you're heading. I have a husband who is trying very hard to be a man after God's heart and that is a great anniversary gift. He also gave me tickets to see my favorite country singer, Brad Paisley! Seriously, he's the best (Charlie and Brad)! We're going to see him at the Woodlands Pavillion on September 11th and I'll definiely have more to write about after seeing Mr. Paisley in person for the first time ever!

Charlie loved the "Lloyd Memory Chest" I made for him...basically a box I painted and then lined the inside with pictures of us. It was bittersweet gathering all the memories to put in that box.

I had no clue we had so many "lovey dovey" notes and special mementos; I almost ran out of space in the box for all of the stuff I had saved. We had a great time laughing and looking through all of the funny pictures Charlie had drawn and the silly things I had saved like the ribbon that was around my wedding bouquet or a fortune from a fortune cookie.

Looking back and reminiscing where we were when Charlie wrote me a poem in 2004 or buying the Napoleon Dynamite lip balm we thought was hilarious was great to do together. Even if we were the goofiest couple in the restaurant at least we were laughing and enjoying each other! All of those items are artifacts of who we are as a couple and how we got to this two year celebration.

Of course my Cajun roots helped me feel right at home amid all the wildlife watching us eat from their mounts. After all what could be more romantic than a stuffed head on the wall :-D

And how could I forget to mention the beautiful roses he had sent to the Omni...Thank you sweetheart for making me feel so special!


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