Monday, May 31, 2010

Portrail of a (long) Weekend II

When I woke up yesterday morning I went for a run for the first time on a treadmill in over 6 months.
I have started to love running outside at the park without my ipod and had forgotten how running on the belt feels.
Running at Terry Hershey park is great because I can almost get all of the outdoors I can handle early in the morning and finish my daily run before I talk myself out of exercising.
I was very thankful for Josh and Sarah's apartment gym, since I slept in until about 9 I was able to get a good run in without expiring in the Texas morning heat.

The Charlie and I got to catch up with our friends Stuart, Devanee and their sweet baby Asa (Ace for short).
I've known them since our College Station days and for Charlie even before then.
They are such a sweet family and we always enjoy our hang outs.


Then Charlie went to enjoy a day of golf and dropped me off at the Westin Resort pool.
I lounged around and soaked up the sunshine by the pool for about 4.5 hours while Charlie finished his golf game.
After meeting Josh and Sarah for another dinner of fine Mexican food we grabbed some ice cream to finish out the wonderful day!



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