Friday, April 2, 2010

Happy Easter Weekend

So I am sitting in my favorite coffee shop in the world and feeling blessed that it's only a mere 99 miles away from our cozy townhome in H-Town. Sweet Eugene's was my refuge during my A&M days and as I snuggle down into one of the many plush couches, I am taken back a couple of years. A couple of years when I rode my bike almost every where, when exams were not as much of a priority as they should have been, when tennis was a weekly occurrence.

I love this little city more than I realized and am also remembering the significance of today, Good Friday. I took a little walk this afternoon and couldn't help but notice the cloudy, drizzly sky overhead. I wonder if this is what the sky looked like the afternoon Jesus died. I am just overcome with thankfulness for what He did for me. Just when I think I have completely blown every possible chance to honor Him and His sacrifice I am awashed in new mercies. What a wonderfully awesome God!!

On a weekend where all I want to do is sleep in and go shopping my heart is in a simpler place that I long to go. So far the last two days have consistded of:
- getting pulled over twice by the copers
- rescuing/releasing a garden snake from Catrina's cats (yes...the snake was in the house)
- sipping coffee
Lord thank you for the simple life and time with family. Your love "makes me forget where I have been, Your love shows me who I really am".


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