Thursday, January 14, 2010

Fur Baby

The great thing about being part of a Cajun family is we love making traditions. In many ways I can liken it to being an Aggie. If something is done more than 2 times in a row, we dub it a tradition.

Every year, the day after Christmas my Uncle Mike and Colin come to stay with my parents and go hunting. This year they had the great "opportunity" to help Charlie and I move into our new townhome. Their help was invaluable to us and they added much needed comic relief to our moving days!

Here's a fun picture of my little "mixed baby" (that's what my best friend Kati affectionately calls her dog Diesel) or as I refer to Toby, my fur baby. My cousin Colin is a great photographer and just got a new camera for Christmas. Charlie, Toby and I were proud to partake of his skills!

The dollar section in Target is fabu! I got Mr. Toby this Ugly Christmas sweater for just one dollar or in Toby currency, one bone.
That night the kids went to see the much anticipated new Sherlock Holmes movie. I was kind of bummed Robert Downey Jr.'s British accent was difficult to decipher. But we had a fun night and wouldn't trade time with family for anything!


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