Saturday, September 19, 2009

Big Bend: Part III

On our last day at Big Bend we saw a little herd of deer/does (doe plural) in the parking lot eating little tid-bits visitors left behind. I teasted Kelley saying if she were a deer she'd be in the most pampered and protected place possible...a.k.a Big Bend where people can't shoot you.

We all had a great time on our trip but we were happy to be homeward bound. Thank goodness for portable DVD players and that I do not get car sick from reading. I love to read and it sure helps pass the time by getting me tired enough to sleep which also helps speed the the time along.

My dad was such a champ. He drove the entire time and did a great job navigating. The trip was kind of tough on little Luke and I learned so much about having children on this trip. They are so much fun but any kind of change is a major adjustment for them and I have to be patient.
I snapped this pic as we were driving out of the park. Although we didn't get to see any bears it's still fun to think that it was a possibility!


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