Friday, August 28, 2009

The Rock

Have you ever been rock climbing? Like "legit" rock climbing outside on an actual mountain?
That is a goal for me but for the sake of safety I figure I need to start slowly and with professional help from the savvy people at Texas Rock Gym:-)

Although I've never personally experienced climbing out in the elements I have gotten to see some amazing "mountains" in Big Bend this past March; amazing by Texas standards. Seeing them from a distance I could tell places were jagged and trecherous.

When we'd hike go hiking up the steeper trails you could tell the wind got stronger and the air thinner. Take that description and multiply it a few million and then I imagine you'll get something close to Everest. These past few months I've felt like that's what Charlie and I have been tackeling...Everest.

It is a dangerous mountain that at times mocks our desire to climb it. It is a route with no consideration for struggle or self-pity.
It can be scary and lonely and dark.
Have you ever been here? Have you ever felt like you were in over your head before you even began?
I’m standing in a spot very familiar to me...the beginning.
I have made several attempts to get my grip on places that will not give way so I can truly make progress.
I back up to have a clearer perspective of the terrain and find the right niche where my fingers can slip through.
It seems like I'm missing the mark with each reach. I can hear the voice of the enemy saying too closely, "You can never reach the top. You're too weak. You can't even get off the ground. This is too hard."
And he's right...alone, We'll never be able to make the assent.
Alone, our measly progress leaves us emotionally exhausted and disoriented.

“What strength do I have, that I should still hope? What prospects, that I should be patient?” ~ Job 6:11
I think, I’ll pray more. I'll try harder. I'll choose the higher ground, I'll just be better somehow...
But that road is wide and will never lead to what is on the other side of the summit.
I want to dance through this valley with grace and trust. To fight the good fight and prove I'm up to the task of making the climb. I want to see the beautiful prize beyond the heart ache.
What will it take?

We receive grace from a God who died to bring us restoration.

“I will restore to you the years the swarming locust has eaten.” ~ Joel 2:25

We praise a God who championed Calvary so we wouldn’t have to climb alone.

He pulls us close and tells us, we are His children, He loves us and his will is for us to get to the other side.

We catch glimpses of it. We can almost taste it.
But the climb isn't over and this time we're not alone.
Jesus is there to hold and protect us. We just have to surrender our selfishness, our worries and be available to be carried. Just because it is hard doesn't mean we're alone, but are safe in His arms.


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