Thursday, August 27, 2009

Summa Time III: Sack Hounds

Toby is wonderful company for me. From evening walks to playing with his mailman doll (thanks to Karen and Toby our sponsor couple from our wedding) we have a great time together. One of the many reasons why I love him is that we connect through an activity near and dear to my heart...NAPPING!

Here we are in M.P. when he was just 2 months old...

and then in College Station last Christmas when he was about 4 months. No matter what mischief he may have gotten into my heart instantly softens when I see these cuddly pictures. No doubt he is the laziest dog in the morning...he likes to stretch, yawn really big and then plop back down on his little doggie bed. Some times we actually have to carry him outside to go potty in the morning....but believe this "thatz only in da monin" the rest of the day he's heck on wheels!


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