Saturday, September 19, 2009

Big Bend: Part I

Last March the family went on a trip we've been planning for two years. Between weddings and babies being born; this trip was put way on the back burner. Even in the crowded suburban I am happy to say we didn't take a moment of or time together for granted; I was so glad to finally be able to spend time with my family.

We were a little worried about the weather being nice once we finally made the 10 hour road trip o the park but I can honestly say it was a perfect trip. The air, crisp and clean. The sky, clear and beautiful.

After seeing this licence plate, I felt kind of convicted about complaining about our state wide trek...

We went to church on the Saturday before we reached the park. This was the sweetest country church you'll ever attend. At the end of the service the whole church sang "Happy Birthday" for all the parishioners who'd had their birthday that week. The song went something like this:
"Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday God Loves you
Happy Birthday to you..."
At first I thought this was a little too corny, even for a west Texas county church. But when I heard the last line of the song my eyes welled up with tears...God cares about our special occasions. Being the perfect parent that He is, He wants to know me intimately. He longs to give me good things and let me be amazed by His faithfulness. I know this is alot to take from a Happy Birthday song but sometimes that's all God needs to speak to us...

(Switching gears)
And you all should be glad to know Big Foot is actually masquerading in west Texas as an adorable 5 year old boy...just kidding of course, this is an action shot of Nate playing outside after church.

Daddy requested the cabin with the best view and we weren't disappointed...the view totally made up for the long hours of travel.

I lucked out and got my very own bed out of the three available in the cabin. I guess being Aunt Fuzzy does have it's perks!

And I guess God felt like showing off on our first night. The sunsets were glorious and we all know "we'll never see another one like it"!


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