Monday, October 12, 2009

Birthday Bash

Last Monday I turned the BIG 2-5...I can rember the first time I ever heard that phrase and it was on Full House. Stephanie Tanner was turning the BIG 1-0 and I thought she was every so clever for saying that.

Sweet Toby always makes you feel special every day but he was espeically cute on October 5th

I am loving the new Victoria Secret univeristy wear! They have the cutest A&M shirts and PJs...Mama, Daddy and Kelley had the hook up for me :-)

After a long day of driving to College Station and back to get my offical transcripts for Texas Teach the family met up at Outback Steakhouse for some yummy steak and lobster.

Sine I'll only be 25 once I wanted to document all of the things that were important to me this year...

Top 5 Things (non-human) I Couldn't Live Without
My Bible
The Internet
My favorite books
Diet Coke

Top 5 Favorite Movies
Life is Beautiful
House Bunny
The Private Eyes
Dumb and Dumber
The Little Mermaid

Top 5 Songs I Could Listen To Over and Over Again
What do I kow of Holy - Addison Road
Anything Jack Johnson
Elevation - U2
Anything Brad Paisley
Return to Me - Dean Martin

Top 5 People Who Have Influenced Your Life in a Positive Way
Charlie - for his determination and positive attitude
Daddy - for teaching me how to set and accomplish goals
Mama - for showing me the value of loving persistence
Kelley - for being the kind of wife and mother I'd love to be someday
Kati- for being my partner in crime

Top 5 Things That Stay in Your Purse at All Times
Cell Phone
Hand sanitizer

Top 5 Moments That Changed Your Life Forever
8th grade retreat
Meeting Charlie
Graduating College
Getting Married
December 25, 2007

Top 5 Obsessions You Have Right Now
Finding random bookstores
Any Beth Moore bible study
Finding old movies: Swiss Family Robinson, Parent Trap with Haley Mills, Summer Magic

5 Places You Would Like to Go
Barcelona, Spain
Lunch with the Cast of The Office
Houston's downtown resale stores:Blue Bird Circle, The Guild, The Associate League
To the Set of Seinfeld
To Sleep


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