Monday, September 21, 2009

Big Bend: Part IV

On our way back to Houston we spent the night in San Antonio and even got to stop by the Alamo for the boys to experience. It's so interesting to see their eyes light up as they learn about war and how brave the people were who defended the little church. I think inside every little boy (and man, for that matter) is the desire to fight for and protect something. We didn't have to drive to another city for me to see this part of their hearts. Even just playing in their club/tree house we pretend war and pretend rescue.

And of course there's lots of fun shopping along the river walk. check out this cool chandelier that I got...i kid, i kid. This was an awesome hand blown glass chandelier available to you for the affordable price of 3K.

San Antonio is such a fun place to visit. Just like little European towns there are unexpected surprises around every corner that call for you to sit awhile.

Another pretty water fall made for the perfect sister picture backdrop


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