Monday, September 28, 2009

Yogurt Explosion

Yuck, Yuck, Yuck...Sitting at my desk at work, I swiveled around to answer my phone and my wonderful strawberry, snack came tumbling down between my chair and my file cabinet. It was a pink mess and somehow it reached my printer almost four feet away from my desk. Shrugging off the annoyance, I grabbed the paper towels I keep at my desk (yes, I have been known to spill things) and went to work on my files, the print, the floor and my desk top.

As I worked I gave my self a "glass half full" pep-talk,
"Other people are cleaning up grosser stuff than this, I mean it's a hotel for crying out loud"

"At least I have yogurt to spill and it's just my mid afternoon snack, not my meal for the day."

"I'm sure glad I grabbed those extra napkins from the bathroom last week." etc.

After it was all cleaned up and I had gotten most of the stickiness off with my Lysol wipes I plopped back into my work chair. Only after my elbow slipped through the yogurt splattered on my chair arm did I realize there was more work to be done... I had been so focused on cleaning up the mess right in front of my face that I hadn't noticed the pink goo all over my jacket and the side of my chair. Had I been looking closely I would have cleaned myself up first and dealt with the floor later.

It made me think of the times I work to clean up the messes I make in my own life. I diligently pray and have my early quiet times but there is still goo that I'm not seeing because I'm so busy fixing things myself. It's only when I sit back, take a deep breath and start working on what I was doing before the goo inconvenience me that I realize there's stuff I didn't realize need cleaning. I'm resting in the fact that I do not have to frantically look for things to fix. Christ will reveal those issues in His perfect time and I only have to follow His lead and even if I slip into the old grossness He'll be there to give me a renewed heart.


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