Sunday, January 24, 2010

Toby the Wonder Dog

Charlie and I had a great weekend full of friends and new restaurants. On Saturday morning Lindsey and I met Charlie at the Empire Cafe so we could take him to get his first taste of Blue Bird Circle and the local thrift stores in Houston. The cafe was a great suggestion from a girl at my Friday fitness class and we'll definitely be back. Although we didn't find any furniture at the Blue Bird, we did see some promising peices for the new town house.
But not this one...

Lindsey pointed out the artist made Mary look like Nicolas Cage and unfortunately I'll have to agree with her.

We also had a great time with Mr. Toby. I've got to say, that maltipoo has ups. He loves to run, jump and chase his toys

He's never short on energy or personality

What can I say other than "I'm a goofball"!


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