Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Rock Monkies

Charlie and I left Breckenridge
for Vail, CO.
Of course we had to give a little love to
our friend Smokey.
Vail was simply gorgeous!
The petunas were overflowing out of the window boxes....
and Charlie had lots of little shops
around Lion's Head.
We enjoyed taking in the beautiful sites
We made a trip to see where my favorite Sleepy Time tea is brewed
and got to sample lots of yummy teas.
Les met us after she got off of work and took us
for our first outdoor climb!
I finally mastered the "figure 8" knot
We all had fun scrambling up the mountain
It may not look very high but after we hiked for a while
and locked in at 30 feet the view was amazing!
We were all famished after the day's activities
and enjoyed some good grub at Vine Street pub.
I was lucky to sample lots of great teas and beers that day!
As you can see, our weekend was filled with sunny skies and time for walking around.
Yay for good friends and Colorado!


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