Friday, June 18, 2010

The Cirque Continued

So we seriously considered running away with the cirque
last night.
The show was beautiful, incredible, and kind of painful.
Charlie said watching the contortionists made his back hurt.

and I can't really blame him either!

There were many interesting comments from the peanut gallery
 a.k.a. Charles Ashley Lloyd last night

One of my favorites was,"Anyone can do that with the right pair of shoes."
I don't think I could balance like those performers if I had suction cups on my feet.

The music was beautiful and I can't wait to download a few tunes.

Obviously this picture was not taken in Cypress, Texas
but it shows off their gorgeous costumes since we couldn't bring our camera into the show.
Maybe it's just me but I totally think the little lady to the right and I could swap places.
It would be great...
I'll paint my face, don the bedazzled swim cap
and she'd have the night off.
I've always thought I'd look b-e-a-utiful in blue feathers!

images are from here, here, here and here


Blogger Mrs. Fontenot said...

OK Fuzzy...come clean! That's really you, w/o the Zorro mask, but w/the Zorro red ribbon "Z" you!! ~:) Mamma

June 19, 2010 at 1:03 PM  

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