Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Cultivating Good Habits

Recently I have been wanting to get more disciplined
in my daily routine.
For the most part I'm a easy going, fly by the seat of my jeans
kinda gal but for the important stuff
like having quite time and exercising I just can't compromise those biggies.
I find that if I can at least start the day with these two things, I am ready for anything

If I can get both of those wonderful things in early in the morning
then it's already a good day.
So I decided I needed a plan to keep me on task...a vision board, if you will.

6am: quite time

7:30 - 8:30am: run

8-9am: shower; get ready for work

12pm: lunch

12:30-5(ish)pm: Work

5pm: make dinner

6pm: eat dinner with Charlie

7pm: relax for the evening (take a bath, go for a walk, watch a movie)
So how do I get started on this new and better schedule that will hopefully keep me from sinking into the depths of despair? I guess there are a few steps I can take...

step 1: pray for discipline
step 2: lay out running clothes, watch, shoes/socks, etc. before bed
step 3: set alarm for the morning
step 4: get to bed early

It's going to be a tough regiment
but I'm up for the challenge considering the
spiritual and physical benefits!

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