Thursday, June 24, 2010

Summer Lovin'

Some pics from last weekend...
who knew Houston could be so green!
Charlie took this on top of our friend's apartment garage.
It wouldn't be a bad spot to watch some fireworks either!

Charlie and I got up early on Saturday morning
and headed out to Missouri City, Houston for some church softball.
All the little wife-ies basked/fried/sweltered in the sun...
and we weren't even playing!
Those boys are competitive...eeerr...devoted to their sports.
It was hotter than blazes and I never pass up a chance to soak up the vitamin D.
Luckily I had a handy umbrella in my car
but not luckily it was leopard print which did not complement my snake patterned dress.
It was a wild combo but at least I was in the shade!

Later that day we cooled off with my favorite guys in the world...

and he's going....
Uncle Charlie is having as much fun as they are!

Lukie-of-pookiness doing what he does best...
being the cutest 2 year old known to mankind!
I just want to squeeze him!


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